Abaco Systems, a leader in rugged embedded computing, has created a demo of an autonomous rover to show off the capabilities of their new GVC1001 computer. The demo shows a 2WD Rover Robotics robot autonomously following a person by using a GVC1001 computer mounted to it, as well as several sensors such as cameras and a LIDAR that are used for navigation and autonomy. The computer and sensors are being powered off the internal battery inside the rover. The computer commands the robot over USB.

The GVC1001 computer uses the NVIDIA Xavier which is the latest in the lineup of embedded AI modules focused on robotics that NVIDIA offers. Developers often choose the NVIDIA Xavier when needing to run neural networks on more that one camera at the same time. The NVIDIA Xavier comes in both a developer kit (below left) and a module (below right).

The GVC1001 encapsulates the Xavier module in a much more rugged way than the developer kit, providing an option to upgrade since the developer kits are not designed to last long.

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