Rover’s booth at Amazon’s re:MARS Conference; built to showcase AWS RoboMaker.

Amazon invited Rover Robotics to their new re:MARS conference to showcase the power of RoboMaker on AWS. We developed the SwagBot, an autonomous T-shirt delivery system, using AWS tools including AWS RoboMaker.

How does it work?

The web interface for SwagBot

A guest uses a custom build web interface to input their name and t-shirt size. The “submit your order” button sends a SQS (simple queue service) message to AWS The robot then takes the data from the queue and moves over to the t-shirt dispenser. When the robot arrives, the dispenser drops the desired t-shirt onto the robot, and the robot returns to the conference guest. The demo was developed using AWS RoboMaker’s deployment feature which allows you to deploy versioned code to your robot. We delivered over 700 T-shirts during the conference with a 98% success rate. Data from the demo was automatically recorded and statistics like the distribution of t-shirt sizes can easily be created.

Video of our demo in progress.

Where do Rover and Amazon Web Services go from here?

We are excited to partner with Amazon on maximizing the potential of RoboMaker on AWS. It is RoboMaker’s purpose to speed the development of robotic applications, just like Rover! We deliver modular industrial grade mechanics and hardware, and AWS RoboMaker provides easy integration with the software we use (Robot Operating System, ROS). We look forward to satisfying the needs of developers, researchers and engineers. Amazon and Rover Robotics are tearing down the barriers to entry for robotics, and together we are building the future of robotic development.

Ways to work with AWS and Rover:

Start with Rover’s platform and browse our collection on our website.
The hardware delivered by Rover will be your first steps in developing a robotic solution. Tutorials, support code, curriculum’s and ROS2 demos will also be available on our website in the near future as we work with Amazon to make development even easier. AWS RoboMaker can be found on Amazon’s AWS platform and easily integrated with our platform. Together, fleet robotics and robotic software applications have never been easier! If your company or school is considering utilizing Rover Robotics, get in touch with us soon.

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