ROS 2 Eloquent has been released today meaning it is now available for everyone to download and try out. Once again we are going to try to answer the main question on everyone’s minds. Is it time to switch?

ROS 2 Eloquent is the fifth release of ROS 2. It is not a LTS (long term support), but it is following in the footsteps of the first ROS 2 distro to be an LTS, ROS 2 Dashing.

ROS 2 Distro NameRelease DateLTSLogoEOL Date
Ardent December 8th, 2017NoDec 2018
BouncyJuly 2nd, 2018NoJul 2019
CrystalDecember 14th, 2018NoDec 2019
DashingMay 31st, 2019YesMay 2021
EloquentNovember 22nd, 2019NoNov 2020
F turtle (yet to be named)May 2020YesMay 2023 or longer

So without beating around the bush, our recommendation is largely the same as it was for ROS 2 Dashing. If you are a platform developer, meaning you work at a company that sells things to robotic companies like motor controllers, Lidars, stereo cameras, computers, cloud service, middle wares etc… then you should be porting your code to ROS 2 now if you haven’t started already, and we recommend everyone to use Eloquent over Dashing. If you are a solutions developer, meaning you are doing research at a University using ROS 1 to publish papers, or you are at a startup trying to sell an end solution to customers like food delivery, digital twins, RFID scanning, security, you should stick with ROS 1 until ROS 2 F turtle is released. We believe F turtle is going to be the tipping point were most users will have sufficient incentive to make the switch.

The following companies are ones that should be porting code, or writing new code in ROS 2 Eloquent in preparation for the F turtle release.

– Intel (for the Intel RealSense and NCS)
– Google (porting Google Cartographer)
– AWS (getting RoboMaker working with ROS 2)
– Bosch (Porting their IMU drivers)
– Xsense (porting their IMU drivers)
– Velodyne (porting their lidar drivers)
– Ouster (porting their lidar drivers)
– Slamtech (porting their lidar drivers)
– Hokuyo (porting their lidar drivers)
– SICK (porting their lidar drivers)
– Swift Navigation (porting their GPS drivers)
– ELP (porting usb_cam)
– Roboteq (porting their motor controller driver)
– Dimension Engineering (porting their motor controller driver)
– Adafruit (porting their various sensor drivers and writing tutorials)

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